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The Anti-Corruption Council presented a Report on privatization of the company Novosti at the press conference

The Anti-Corruption Council presented a Report on the privatization of the company Novosti, which was submitted to the Government of Serbia on 17th May 2011. The members of the Council assessed that during the past ten years the state institution brought numerous unlawful decisions which harmed the state. These decisions were made in favour of the interest group that has usurped the company in 2000, and the tycoons that have agreed with these group to take over a majority stake of shares. The Councils` members announced that they will submit a criminal complaint against persons, that were involved in the illegal privatization of the company Novosti Learn more...

01. 06. 2011

Institutional obstacles for the fight against corruption

Eight years have past since the citizens demanded democratic reforms on the elections, and in fighting for maintenance of the election results as well Learn more...

04. 06. 2008

Fifth edition of the "Dictionary of War" in Novi Sad

The fifth edition of the Dictionary of War, produced in a collaboration of "Multitude e.V." and "KUDA.ORG" and funded by the regional government of Vojvodina, was held on January 25th and 26th, 2008 in Novi Sad, Serbia Learn more...

27. 01. 2008

Belgrade Transparency Days 2007 - conclusions and recommendations

Serbia is one of the few countries in the world still without the external state audit of the public finances. The Law on the State Audit Institution was adopted on November 14, 2005. In accordance with the Law the Institution should have been established within six months from the date of its entering into effect Learn more...

12. 03. 2007

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