We tend to be pessimists or optimists, everything but persistent. Corruption, nevertheless, can only be curbed by persistence – either by citizens or representatives of the authorities. In the past year, the Council received more than 300 petitions, and according to our investigations, corruption is predominantly present in the privatization process, judiciary, and illegal housing building. And it is precisely in these fields, that the citizens engage themselves, expressing public awareness for anti-corruption struggle.

The citizens who address the Council will not be regarded as desperates lost in a desert with no one to hear their call. My intention is to help trough public actions and pressure on the Government to curb the corruption, by legislation amendments, and establishment of the institutions which will reduce the possibility of further power demonstration by the ones who became influential thanks to the war ravages.

I believe that a struggle against the corruption represents a struggle for the state. Despite the fact that there are many unsavory characters full of big talk. 

Ms Verica Barac