Prosecution is "looking into questionable privatizations"

June 23, 2011

SOURCE: Nin, Tanjug

The Prosecutor's Office for Organized Crime has been looking into "questionable privatizations" for several months now, Justice Minister Snežana Malović stated.

Snezana Malovic, Justice Minister
Snežana Malović (Tanjug)

She pointed out that the office "is not doing this simply because of pressures coming from Brussels".

In an interview for the latest edition of the Belgrade-based weekly NIN, Malović noted that the Republic Prosecutor's Office and the Prosecutor's Office for Organized Crime held a meeting two weeks ago in order to coordinate all investigations and bring all the available data together. 

She assessed that different government bodies, including the Agency for Privatization, Prosecutor's Office for Organized Crime, Commission for Securities and the police, were not coordinated enough in the fight against corruption. 

"The core of the work done by the institutions which have now been coordinated will focus on proactive investigations," Malović said. 

Asked whether the authorities would also examine employees of government bodies such as the Agency for Privatization and Commission for Securities who were in charge of privatizations from the downfall of the Milošević regime in 2000 until now, Malović said that "nyone who committed a crime or contributed to its commission would be subject to the investigation because nobody is above the law".

Malović noted that the role of the National Bank of Serbia (NBS) in suspicious transactions would also be investigated.


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