Corruption council to address "gas Mafia"

October 20, 2008

Anti-Corruption Council Chairman Verica Barać says that concerns over the price of gas have come to the council’s knowledge in the past.

Today, the League of Vojvodina Social-Democrats (LSV), a member of the ruling coalition, and the opposition Liberal Democratic Party (LDP), will today submit documents to the president, government and MPs that prove, they claim, that bad government moves since 2004 have directly contributed to the recent 60 percent rise in the price of gas bills.

The documentation will be sent to, among others, the Anti-Corruption Council, which told B92 that they had received worrying information regarding gas in the past. 

She said that there was no control in the work of the public companies, that “they have been bossed out by the political parties, who see them as their feudal property. From time to time, some information surfaces, especially when there are disputes and break-ups within a political party, or simply, when they want to score certain political points,” Barać said. 

The LDP’s Čedomir Jovanović said that the nation had been tricked and robbed when the government signed the energy agreement with Russia, adding that the 60 percent price hike was a direct consequence of that deal. Another problem, he said, were gas brokers. 

LSV leader Nenad Čanak reiterated that the gas issue depended on whether the party’s five MPs would keep supporting the government. 

Interior Minister Ivica Dačić said that the police would look into the evidence about the "gas Mafia" collected by the LSV and the LDP, and that it would act accordingly if any criminal elements were discovered.


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